Tracking Your Ballot and Voter Guides, Connecticut Deck-Over, and more…


The election is afoot! The easiest way to submit your ballot is by mail or using the dropbox outside of Stead Recreational Center. If you did not receive your ballot, contact the Board of Elections. If you are not registered to vote, today’s the last day, or you can register in person at an Early Vote Center starting at the end of the month.

If there’s one link to check out, track your ballot using this official

If you haven’t made up your mind on the races, there are a number of guides and endorsements:

Connecticut Avenue Streetscape and Deck-Over Project

At our next ANC 2B meeting, October 14 at 7 p.m., a presentation will be given by the District Department of Transportation (DDOT) regarding the streetscape of Connecticut Avenue and deck-over between Dupont Circle and Q Street. To get a sneak peek, the slides featuring the 65% Intermediate Design are online early!

1730 R St NW – Ross Elementary School

Construction has begun for an ADA-accessible elevator in the rear of Ross Elementary School. This is a project that the ANC supported last month and was recently approved by the Board of Zoning Adjustment. The special exception was regarding the rear yard requirements.

School Without Walls
Last week, veteran principal Richard Trogisch abruptly departed School Without Walls, and it was quickly met with significant protest from parents and students. The Washington Post’s Perry Stein covered the circumstances surrounding this sudden change, and the Washington Post’s Editorial Board amplified deep criticism around this departure. The ANC 2B will be considering a resolution demanding answers from our government on this issue, and a circulated draft resolution goes as far as to demand the principal’s reinstatement and is harshly critical of D.C. Public Schools’ leadership. If you have any feedback about this issue, please contact me.

1500-1700 H St NW – “John Lewis Way”

The D.C. Council has introduced legislation honoring the late Representative John Lewis by symbolically designating two blocks of H Street, along Lafayette Square, as “John Lewis Way.” The ANC 2B has an opportunity to weigh in on this, and it is anticipated we will unanimously support it. This location is near where he stood on Black Lives Matter Plaza a month prior to his passing this year.

1536 16th Street NW – PETA Foundation

On the corner of 16th and Q Streets, the Foundation to Support Animal Protection (FSAP), better known as the PETA Foundation, is seeking a zoning special exception regarding lodging, as they are renovating to provide space for up to 10 guests. Their intended use: “FSAP would like to offer some staff and business guests visiting its 1536 16th St. NW office free, temporary accommodations, to save on costs currently associated with providing them accommodations and to eliminate the need for them to travel between the office and where they would stay otherwise.” This is planned to be on the ANC’s agendas in November.

Public Health Emergency Extended through December 31
Earlier this month, the Mayor extended the Public Health Emergency. As always, the latest information is at

The long-term transportation plan for the District is moveDC, and they recently announced they are updating it in 2021. If you’d like to chime in on the future of transportation in the District, please take their survey.

1617 17th St NW – Prego Again
Prego Again’s alcohol license is up for renewal. I do not see this as controversial and the ANC 2B will likely take “no action” on this item. With ABRA’s processes, “no action” generally implies neutral support and that the ANC doesn’t wish to interfere.

Meeting Notices
If you are not receiving notices about upcoming ANC 2B meetings, the best way is to subscribe to the ANC 2B mailing list. That is the only official mailing list from the ANC 2B. This newsletter you are currently reading and any other newsletter are created by individuals in their individual capacity, irrespective of the ANC’s schedule. If you are interested in knowing what is before the ANC, make sure you’re signed up!

Please let me know if you have any feedback or questions about anything. I’m available to you to chat about any neighborhood issue!