Advisory Neighborhood Commission Endorsements

2B01: Matthew Sampson
2B02: Daniel Warwick
2B03: Robin Nunn
2B04: Mo Pasternak
2B05: William Herbig
2B06: Mike Silverstein
2B07: Michael Scott McKernan
2B08: Matthew Holden
2B09: Kyle Mulhall
D.C.: ANC Races Outside of Dupont Circle

As a Commissioner in Dupont Circle, I’ve met and worked with a very wide gamut of local elected officials. I’ve seen where commissions become warring sides rife with misinformation, and I’ve seen commissions that balance neighborhood sentiment, inform people well, and do great work. Good commissions become respected by the government agencies they seek to influence, and therefore do a better job for neighbors when it comes to your issues on your block. I’ve also seen first hand how individuals with an axe to grind, a specific agenda to push, or someone who is outright dishonest or malicious can derail commission business, polarize entire meetings, squelch genuine community engagement, and cause cynicism and disregard for the hard volunteer work everyone else is doing.

If you’re in Washington, D.C., your Advisory Neighborhood Commission matters and is worth your research before mailing in your ballot this year. In many races, there are stark differences.

Dupont Circle ANC 2B Map, courtesy OpenANC / Mapbox / OpenStreetMap

Advisory Neighborhood Commissions (ANCs) are divided into multiple Single Member Districts (SMDs) representing approximately 2,000 residents (also why you need to complete the census!). Voters choose the single commissioner in their SMD, and those commissioners work with the other commissioners in their ANC. The Dupont Circle ANC, ANC 2B, has nine SMDs. You can find your ANC and SMD easily with ANC Finder and explore maps and candidates with OpenANC.

Contested Races in Dupont Circle ANC 2B

2B01: Vote for Matthew Sampson

Matthew Sampson is widely known as a staunch advocate for pedestrian safety, fighting for safer transportation infrastructure, and minding the long-term impacts of climate change in every single vote. On commission business, he consistently seeks the right thing on behalf of neighbors and does well balancing conflicting opinions. Matthew Sampson is a great commissioner and deserves reelection. Meg Roggensack, his opponent, did not follow up on requests to talk. Update: Meg Roggensack is currently suing her neighbors. Avoid!

2B04: Vote for Mo Pasternak

I met Mo Pasternak when I was first running and he has been attuned to ANC business and the work of the commission. He is passionate about better transit serving our neighborhood, and tackling housing affordability issues that impact homeowners, renters, and those experiencing homelessness. Mo Pasternak has shown deep commitment to working with all neighbors, and will be a balanced, inclusive, and respected voice on the commission. Diane Quinn, his opponent, is a Board Member of DECAA, the organization created to block neighborhood projects and filed legal action against the mayor and government agencies based on conspiracy theories. Her organization spreads misinformation on neighborhood issues (Update: On October 12, she resigned). She also openly and publicly supports the litigious Ed Hanlon. These things alone are completely disqualifying. I strongly encourage voting for Mo Pasternak in this election.

2B06: Vote for Mike Silverstein

Mike Silverstein is one of the longest-serving commissioners in the District and has a deep wealth of experience and knowledge serving the neighborhood. He has been a staunch advocate for LGBTQ efforts in Dupont and in the District, and has served under three mayors on the D.C. Alcoholic Beverage Control Board. He stands up for his neighbors, finds common values, and is a staunch hardworking volunteer. Mike Silverstein is by far the best choice. His opponent, Cameron Powell, did not circulate his own petition sheets to run, moved his voter registration to an address in D.C. in June 2020, did not follow up on my requests to talk, and has not been visibly involved or present in our neighborhood. Update: Cameron Powell has since withdrawn from the race, although he will appear on the ballot. Vote for Mike Silverstein.

2B09: Vote for Kyle Mulhall

Kyle Mulhall has lived in the neighborhood through decades of changes, both as a renter and as a homeowner. I met him during the course of my work on the commission as an advocate for his neighbors. He’s widely respected and has a balanced, inclusive approach when tackling local issues, which mirrors his professional experience advocating for labor and progressive issues at the federal level. He’s a father of two and simply a friendly, hardworking guy. He is publicly endorsed by every other commissioner in the neighborhood and many other neighborhood leaders because of his approach and demeanor, especially compared to his opponent. Kyle Mulhall’s opponent, Ed Hanlon, deserves no introduction for anyone who has tried to make a change to their home or business in the neighborhood, but if you don’t know Ed Hanlon, here’s a four link primer:

There is a lot more to say about Ed Hanlon and have personally seen and experienced firsthand the pain, frustrations, and costs neighbors have endured. A vote for Ed Hanlon is simply unconscionable. For the sake of the neighborhood, please vote for Kyle Mulhall and encourage your neighbors to do the same.

2B03: Robin Nunn

After talking with both candidates at length, I would vote for Robin Nunn. Right out of the gate, Robin Nunn is steeped in understanding the role and work of the commission better than some sitting commissioners do, and has worked very hard through the pandemic on connecting with her neighbors. I’m certain will be a level-headed and straightforward advocate if elected. I am impressed by Robin Nunn’s work engaging the community to date.

You should also consider Yousef Bashir. He has a fascinating life story and is highly motivated to take on the role and serve the community. Neighbors in 2B03 are lucky to have two good choices, and I am confident in this race that both candidates are genuinely vying to represent all of the neighbors they are seeking to serve and are excited to get to work.

Uncontested Races

In 2B02, Daniel Warwick, who currently serves as Chair of the Commission, is one of the best ANC Chairs in the District, is highly regarded by his neighbors, and has earned consistent respect across government agencies. I have learned a ton from him and he is a true leader with unparalleled skills on navigating government. Daniel Warwick is the main reason the Dupont Circle ANC has the high regard and responsiveness from government agencies that it has. It is not a surprise he is uncontested.

Also uncontested are William Herbig (2B05) and Matthew Holden (2B08), who I believe will serve their neighbors very well. I have not spoken yet with 2B07’s Michael Scott McKernan.

ANC Races Across Washington, D.C.

This is a non-exhaustive list of some of my favorite candidates and people I likely would vote for if given the chance.

(This is not an exhaustive list, and is relative to races I personally have familiarity with. If I missed you, please email or text me!)

Again, use ANC Finder to find your SMD, and OpenANC to find who is running for your ANC. If you have any feedback, questions, thoughts, or want to chat about any race in D.C., please contact me!