New Micromobility Corrals, the Comprehensive Plan, a Filming, and a lot more…


I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. 

The next meeting of the Advisory Neighborhood Commission is Wednesday, December 11, 7:00 p.m. at the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies, 1717 Massachusetts Avenue NW, Room 500 (Agenda PDF). 

17th and Corcoran Sts NW

I’ve been working with the Mayor’s office regarding the encampments on the corner of 17th and Corcoran Streets. DHS has scheduled an encampment cleanup on December 12, and I’ve attached an Encampment Protocol Engagement FAQ, which I recommend to all neighbors curious about encampments. There are groups working to reach out to neighbors experiencing homelessness to connect them with services and shelter, and I’m continuing conversations on this topic as winter approaches. Related: Street Sense Media hosted a forum in NoMa about encampments, which the City Paper covered last week.

1726 20th Street NW
For those who miss Filter, which used to be at 1726 20th Street NW, I’m happy to see Emissary will be taking the space. In addition to being a coffee shop they also provide cocktails and local beer, so they are applying for an ABRA license: “A community-centric coffeehouse serving tea, espresso drinks, pastries, baked goods, and prepackaged food items in a casual setting. The licensee is also requesting an entertainment endorsement indoors only to provide live entertainment. Total occupancy load is 31 with seating for 10 inside the premises and 6 seats on the summer garden.” As this specific location historically has not served alcohol, I look forward to hearing more about how similar or different they will operate 1726 20th Street compared to their P Street location.

1832 15th St NW

Last Wednesday, the owners of 1832 15th St NW met with the Zoning, Preservation, and Development (ZPD) Committee and neighbors regarding a special exception to add another floor to their garage and to extend 13.25 feet back from their existing home. The ANC 2B last year supported a similar special exception a couple doors down and there are other properties on the block that have extensions and second floors on their garages. This property, however, has received an unusually high amount of testimony. The ZPD Committee agreed there was no issue with the proposed addition to the accessory dwelling unit, and ultimately wanted to see a revised shadow study based on the latest plans to show that the proposed changes are in harmony with the general purpose and intent of the zoning regulations and maps, and shows it will not tend to affect the use of neighboring property adversely. We intend on seeing this by Monday evening, prior to our meeting on Wednesday.

1700 Block Q St NW and 1928 17th St NW
The District Department of Transportation (DDOT) is planning to install two more in-street micromobility corrals in our neighborhood. These are on-street locations with space for bicycles and scooters in efforts to reclaim more sidewalk space. Many times they are placed at intersections in effort to create better sight lines and visibility for motorists as well. Two examples you may be familiar with are in front of the bike shop on Q St NW near 14th, and a newer one on Q and 20th. The two new locations proposed (rough highlighting mine):
Opposite 1755 Q St NW (Between Dupont East and Imperial House)

1928 17th St NW (In Front of Three Fifty Bakery & Coffee Bar)

As the ANC 2B has made multiple requests to have more this kind of infrastructure, especially as many neighbors want scooters off of sidewalks. I anticipate we will be supportive of DDOT to get these built.

Comprehensive Plan

The Comprehensive Plan, the “high-level guiding document that sets a positive, long-term vision for the District, through the lens of its physical growth and change,” has been going through an amendment process that started in 2016. The ANC 2B over the years have had meetings on this topic and passed three resolutions (Jan 2017May 2017Feb 2018). In October of this year, we were informed the ANC 2B’s recommendations are being recommended for adoption. We’re in the middle of a 3.5 month final feedback window, ending at the end of January 2020, to provide additional language changes and further recommendations. Commissioners on ANC 2B have been receiving feedback, and I have been attending public meetings as well as meeting directly with the Council and the Office of Planning on the Comprehensive Plan. If you have any feedback, suggestions, our would like to know more information, please let me know in the next couple weeks.

Filming: New Hampshire Ave at 18th, Q, Corcoran, and R Streets

On December 18 or 19, depending on weather, some streets will be closed starting at 6:30 p.m. for filming a scene for “Without Remorse,” a film based off the Tom Clancy novel of the same name. See the above map.

Sustainability Guide for Older and Historic Buildings

The D.C. Department of Energy & Environment (DOEE) and the Historic Preservation Office (HPO) created a new draft Sustainability Guide. Topics include walls, windows, doors, and adding solar and green roofs, and a lot more.

1412 Q St NW – The Bike Rack
Sadly, last weekend, the Bike Rack near the corner of 14th and Q St NW, closed, but it’ll remain a bike shop: Conte’s Bike Shop is taking over the space going into 2020.

15 Dupont Circle NW
Ampeer Residences, also known as the Patterson House, which will be in our agenda in January, was in Urban Turf regarding their proposed conversion. “The project’s owners have filed for a modification which would convert the use of 31 of the market rate units from residential to lodging, effectively operating part of the building as a hotel.” I’m actively learning more about this proposed conversion, and I appreciate the feedback I have received thus far.

1615 Q St NW

I hosted WAMU’s Martin Austermuhle and George Washington University’s Christopher Leinberger on the roof of the Cairo to discuss the Height of Buildings Act, which the Cairo inspired. With recent discussions on housing needs and density in the District, the topic of the height restriction will be part of What’s With Washington series, likely airing and online next Tuesday.

Washington Area Bus Transformation Project
The Washington Area Bus Transformation Project posted their Action Plan (Executive Summary PDF) earlier today. Specific to our neighborhood, the “16th Street bus lanes are expected to be implemented in 2020. DDOT is launching a Bus Priority Program Fall 2019/Winter 2020.” Information specific to the 16th Street NW Bus Lanes Project is at

Thanks again for reading! If you have any feedback or opinions about any of these items, please let me know. If you’d like to see archived newsletters or to share this with a neighbor, please visit

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