New pedestrian changes, alley fixes, rat tips, and more…


The next ANC 2B Meeting is November 13 at 7:00 p.m.View the agenda here (PDF).

It has been an exciting few weeks! Recently I was able to join Mayor Bowser in a walk through the neighborhood. The walk included delegation of staff members and District department heads to see issues and progress on a block by block level.

It was a good opportunity to extend beyond the normal chain of command and speak direct to people in charge about what neighbors have been inquiring about.

17th and Corcoran Streets NW

In the last few weeks, the District has performed an “encampment cleanup” and has since followed-up with those living on 17th and Corcoran Streets NW. If you walk near that intersection, you likely have noticed a couple of changes, but in some ways things have reverted to how they were a month ago. To reiterate from prior emails, most people I talk with respect the rights of people experiencing homelessness to use public space, but there is frustration with public drug use, defecation, and harassment of neighbors, restaurant patrons, and neighboring businesses. The latter, per multiple reports from 17th Street businesses, is still occurring as of last week. I have been in regular conversations with the Mayor’s office and there will be continued outreach to these neighbors to help connect them with services the District provides. I am anticipating an update from the Mayor’s office at our next ANC meeting Wednesday evening.

In the meantime, if you see activity that is not of an emergency nature that should be reported, call 311.

With cold weather returning, if you see someone experiencing homelessness and in danger of hypothermia, contact the Shelter Hotline at 202-399-7093.

This intersection is not unique, and the Washington City Paper recently profiled exchanges regarding encampments in NoMa. I’m glad neighbors have been more civil in Dupont.


With the changing seasons, there’s a renewed focus on rodent control, especially as rats and other rodents seek winter shelter. DC Health has a list of tips, many of which boil down to making sure no garbage or food are outside in a manner rodents can get to. I have had good success working with the Department of Health’s Rodent Control Program, which performs inspections and abatement on site. You can call 311 to have this done. If you see issues with neighboring properties or businesses that might be contributing to a rodent problem, talk with them directly to see if it can be resolved. If you’re having difficulty with a neighbor or do not feel comfortable talking with them, feel free to let me know and I can reach out to them directly.

Sidebar: in this Sunday’s Washington Post Magazine, the Blue Collar Cats program was profiled. I have met with Humane Rescue Alliance about this program a few months ago. While I do not believe there are any cats planned to be added to our neighborhood, I’m glad there are a few cats that do patrol our streets and alleys for rats and mice! Thank you, neighbors, who help take care of them.

Zoning, Preservation, and Development Committee

As Chair of the ANC 2B’s Zoning, Preservation and Development Committee, there were no cases before us in November, but there are a couple zoning cases I am aware of that are coming up in December and January:

1832 15th Street NW
The owners of this single family row house are proposing to construct an addition in the rear of their property and add a second story to an existing detached garage to expand their living space. This project has already been approved by the Historic Preservation Review Board and are seeking a special exception with the Board of Zoning Adjustment to proceed. This case will be heard by our ZPD Committee on December 4 and the full ANC 2B on December 11.

15 Dupont Circle NW
Ampeer, also known as the Patterson House next to the Iraqi embassy on the corner of P St NW and the eastern side of Dupont Circle, is seeking a modification of significance for a special exception to allow lodging use with the mix of approximately two thirds residential and one third lodging. This case will be heard by the full ANC 2B on January 8 and our ZPD Committee prior to that TBA.

Please let me know if you have an opinion on either of these cases.

15th Street NW

Responding to requests from neighbors, the Department of Public Works conducted street sweeping on October 17 and November 7 along the 15th Street protected bike lane as well as the row of parking along it. Workers did much of this by hand as well as using leaf blowers to get under stored vehicles.

1500 Block Alley Between Corcoran and Q Streets NW

Workers are repairing the damage done by utility work on the alley between Corcoran and Q Streets NW. Previously the cut up alley was patched with asphalt and I’m thankful it is being restored.

Leading Pedestrian Intervals

Pedestrian walk signals are improving across the District with Leading Pedestrian Intervals (LPIs). LPIs are where a signal is given for those walking a few seconds before a green light to cars to provide a head start and priority, per DDOT, improving “pedestrian visibility by establishing a presence in the crosswalk before turning vehicles start moving.” DDOT published a map of the changes effective November 8, and will also:

  • Create 29 new pre-timed crossings, eliminating the need for pedestrians to push the “walk” button, bringing this feature to 98 percent of the intersections in the downtown network during high-demand hours;
  • Adjust signal timing to improve bicycle mobility along high-demand bike corridors such as R Street NW; 15th Street NW, and M Street NW;
  • Adjust late-night signal timing programs along specific corridors to discourage speeding;
  • Modify traffic signal sequences to reduce conflicts between cyclists and pedestrians at 14 intersections, including protecting right turns at three intersections along the 15th Street cycle track; and
  • Install two new exclusive pedestrian cycles at the intersections of 20th Street NW and Virginia Ave NW and Connecticut Ave NW and Desales Street NW.

16th and Q Streets NW

The “Little Library” on the northeast corner of 16th and Q has reemerged as one of the best book exchanges I’ve ever seen. Here’s some history in the Washington Post on its prior iteration. Go visit the new one!

P Street NW

I was honored to be a volunteer again for the Annual Little Goblins Parade, presented by Moms in Logan Circle and supported by Friends of Stead Park and a range of sponsors. A joy to see so many performers, kids, and parents taking over our streets for the afternoon. I’m looking forward to it next year!

All I have for now! Keep in touch!

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