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Hope your autumn is off to a good start!

17th and Corcoran Sts NW – Traffic Safety Assessment

Earlier this month, DDOT began a Traffic Safety Assessment for 17th and Corcoran Streets. While at times this is a fairly quiet intersection, in some situations it is very dangerous for pedestrians, dog walkers, bicyclists, motorists, and delivery drivers alike. The two main types of reports I’ve received are that some vehicles do not see the stop signs when there is low traffic, and when there is high traffic all lanes can be fully or partially blocked, forcing cars and bicycles to squeeze between parked vehicles. After the assessment, DDOT may apply simple fixes including but limited to more visible signage, lane delineation, and paint. If there are significant changes to the intersection proposed, the ANC 2B will be noticed to receive further input.

My take on this assessment as well as 17th Street overall is to ensure the safety of neighbors, increase the amount of pedestrian space, have protected space on the street for bicycles and scooters so they stay off the sidewalks, and to have a lot more loading and unloading space to support our neighborhood businesses which rely on large shipments, deliveries, and patrons being picked up and dropped off. 

Thank you to neighbors on Corcoran who helped get this Traffic Safety Assessment started. I anticipate more news on this in the coming months.

17th and Corcoran Sts NW – Encampment
I am continuing to work with the Mayor’s office, in concert with the Office of the Deputy Mayor for Health and Human Services to address the growing encampment of neighbors on 17th and Corcoran Streets. Thank you to those of you have let me know about your thoughts, as well as keeping me informed of what you’ve seen. As a community, everyone who has spoken to me has been compassionate about wanting to make sure neighbors experiencing homelessness can be connected to resources that help. If someone is willing to receive shelter, the emergency shelter hotline is (202) 399-7093. As well, if you see a resident experiencing a psychiatric emergency, trauma, or substance abuse, the 24-hour Department of Behavior Health Community Response Team can be reached at (202) 673-6495. I am anticipating more information about this intersection in a few weeks.

15th Street NW – Street Sweeping

I’ve confirmed with the Department of Public Works that they’ve acknowledged requests to get 15th Street NW swept, although the timeframe for completion isn’t confirmed yet. The primary issue with street sweeping 15th Street is that without a curb, a different, more limited, type of vehicle needs to be used. The bike lane also needs to be swept. Another issue with 15th Street is that there are vehicles stored there long-term, which in addition to taking away active parking spaces from residents and visitors, contributes to sand, rocks, and other debris collecting. I am seeking better long-term solutions for this.

1600 Block of Q and Corcoran Sts NW – Alley Work

The alley work between Q and Corcoran Streets was completed ahead of schedule! Please let me know what you think, especially after we get a significant rain storm (maybe Wednesday?) as I’m anticipating better stormwater flow.

S Street NW Dog Park
The ANC 2B, in its October 2019 meeting, voted 7-0-0 to urge the Department of Parks and Recreation to repair and possibly replace the turf in the S Street Dog Park that is years past its warrantee. This is not a guarantee work will be done, but the start of a process to get this heavily-used park in better condition. 

Traffic Camera Program to DDOT
Earlier this month, the District’s automated traffic enforcement program (speed cameras, red light cameras, etc.) was transferred from MPD to DDOT. While this change is controversial to some, I am hopeful as I have more productive working relationships with DDOT in regards to street safety. Over the last year, I’ve cumulatively received requests for better speed and stoplight enforcement on every single street in our part of the neighborhood, and I’ll be working with DDOT in the coming weeks to see where automated enforcement might help.

1710 Connecticut Ave NW – Shop Made in DC
Shop Made in DC, supporting the D.C. maker community and the only store dedicated Made in DC products, formerly at 1330 19th St NW, is having a grand opening at their new location this weekend at 1710 Connecticut Ave NW. I am thankful for the Dupont Circle BID and the many others who worked to help keep this shop in Dupont!

1330 19th St NW – Swingers
The ANC 2B took no action (i.e. “no opposition”) on a new alcohol license for “Swingers,” a higher-end miniature golf concept with two locations in London, which will be taking the space of Buffalo Billiards and Shop Made in DC.

Another Perspective
The Chair of the ANC 2B, Daniel Warwick, began a newsletter in August, and features his perspectives and information on neighborhood issues. Warwick has been on the ANC longer than all but one sitting commissioner and I particularly recommend this newsletter for his experience and insight on matters. It’s a must-read if you’re interested in happenings on the west side of Connecticut Ave NW, where he resides. View the newsletter or sign up.

17th Street NW between P and R – High Heel Race

This year’s 17th Street High Heel Race is Tuesday, October 29. Even though the race doesn’t start until 9 p.m., people start gathering to see participants as early at 6 p.m. If you see me down there, please say hi!

Keep in touch! Let me know how things are!

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