AlleyPalooza, Fixed Sidewalks, the Deck-Over, and more…


I hope you are doing well despite this week’s heat. Here is some information regarding the Heat Emergency, and if you see or know someone in need, please call 311.

The ANC 2B’s next meeting is Tuesday, July 23rd, 2019 at 7:00 p.m. at Foundry United Methodist Church, 1500 16th Street NW. [Agenda PDF]

1600 Block of Q St NW

I’m excited to announce the alley been Q and Corcoran on the 1600 block will be redone in part of AlleyPalooza later this summer. This alley serves the Cairo, Annie’s Paramount Steakhouse, Sixteen Hundred Apartments, and other homes and apartments, some of which have seen water damage from the alley in disrepair. While details are not firm, I would anticipate a start date in August and to be of similar surface that is around Stead Park. Thank you to the residents of the Cairo, Annie’s Paramount Steakhouse, the Mayor’s office and staff in our council member’s office who worked with me to get the alley prioritized.

17th St NW

This week, a contractor of DDOT is repairing parts of the sidewalks on 17th Street NW between the S Street Dog Park and Church Street. This work is much-needed and has been a regular complaint from neighbors, as it has forced many people to walk in the street and for those using wheelchairs to use the bike lane. (And yes, I have talked with the contractor, DDOT, and DPW about how the work caused sidewalks on both sides of the street to be closed at the same time.) I’m excited for this work to be completed this week.

Also, portions of Q St’s sidewalks were repaired similarly earlier this year. Look for the lighter colored concrete!

1637-1641 R St NW

The applicant for the corner of R St NW and 17th was granted a zoning variance and are now working towards approval of their restoration work to the exterior and conversion to apartments with a penthouse. The ANC 2B recently supported this work, which includes removal of some elements to the sides of the building, restoration of the original colors and roofing materials, and removal of over a dozen HVAC units on the roof (which are especially visible this week as they have been spray painted orange). The lower space will remain commercial and higher floors will be apartments, and they are working with the Historic Preservation Office. Full plans can be viewed here:

1620 Riggs Pl NW

This neighbor proposed a two-story garage in his alley and decided to solicit feedback from the ANC 2B’s Zoning, Preservation, and Development (ZPD) Committee and neighbors. After some meetings and a couple email threads that included at least half of neighbors on the block, he worked with his architect to refine the plans. The result may end up being the nicest garage on the block. Full plans:

Connecticut Avenue Streetscape and Deck-Over Project

DDOT presented their latest concept for the deck-over project slated to cover the area of Connecticut Avenue between Dupont Circle and Q St NW. The project aims to create a park and pedestrian space bridging both sides of Connecticut back together. They seemed to receive and implement much of the feedback they received from the public, the ANC 2B, and other neighborhood groups.

The project also includes streetscape changes on Connecticut Ave from the deck-over to Columbia Road to make it more pedestrian and bicycle friendly. Most of the options presented at their initial meeting last year included bicycle infrastructure, but in the recent meeting the bicycle infrastructure was removed. The ANC 2B, Dupont Circle Citizens Associations, and others have urged DDOT to restore bicycle infrastructure to the plans. More information about this project, including their presentation materials, are here:

Dupont Circle Metro North Entrance 

WMATA is working on building a canopy over the north entrance of Dupont Circle’s Metrorail station. Some early work has already begun, and more significant work, which include some surrounding road closures, begins July 31 and will go through November 11, with the most impact on vehicle traffic in August. 

1145 17th St NW

National Geographic, which has buildings on 17th, M, and 16th Streets, is working towards revitalizing the area in the center of their campus. The buildings have a variety of historic significance and the project aims to create a pavilion and plaza to bring the spaces together in a modern way while respecting the existing architecture. It’s an exciting project that already received a positive nod from the Dupont Circle Conservancy and will be before the ANC 2B at our next meeting, prior to going before the Historic Preservation and Review Board later this month. Full plans here:

1733 16th St NW

Regarding the Scottish Rite Apartments, slated to be behind the Masonic Temple, a lawsuit was filed against the Mayor, the State Historic Preservation Officer, the Director of the Office of Planning, and the Chair of the Historic Preservation Review Board rooted in a conspiracy theory pushed on email listservs in response to the outcome of efforts to designate the land behind the Masonic Temple as a historic landmark. I do not think it will have any impact to the project other than continued use of taxpayer resources and character assassination against ANC commissioners.

I am continuing to work to change the things we can, and I will continue to work to minimize the negative impacts to neighbors with this project. The Washington City Paper mentioned the project (and me) in a recent unrelated piece where it should be clear I am not “in bed with the Masons and its Executive Director Admiral Bill Sizemore!”

Please contact me if you have any questions or thoughts you’d like to share! If you know neighbors who might be interested in these emails, the sign up form is here. Keep in touch!

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