Bike Lanes and the Farmers’ Market, Astoria, and where I’ll be on February 14


This Wednesday’s ANC 2B meeting (PDF Agenda) doesn’t have specific matters for 2B04, but there are at least two things of note if you are interested in attending:

Fox 5 covered our last ANC 2B meeting and our discussion of bike lanes on the west side of Dupont. If you’re interested in the project, I recommend the video as it is a good top-level recap. As well, you can read up on the options at the official site. In short, a resolution was passed by ANC 2B that supports “further study focused on the 20th Street alternative within ANC 2B.” Language regarding safe connections between Ross Elementary and School Without Walls at Francis Stevens were not included in the final resolution. I moved to amend the resolution to include the language, as it was in a prior draft and the number one issue I heard from neighbors in 2B04, but it was ultimately rejected in efforts to pass the motion without too many extra provisions. There are other ways I’ll continue to work on this connectivity with DDOT.

The farmers market, which is on 20th, has activated their patrons on the issue, asking them to provide feedback to DDOT on the matter. There were fliers at last Sunday’s market and information on their efforts made its way to PoPville, where there is a lively discussion. If you have feedback on the project and haven’t already told me or DDOT, February 13 is the last day to submit feedback at this stage. I recommend emailing DDOT and cc: my ANC email:;

A few other bits of neighborhood news:

Keep in touch if there is anything I can help with!

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