My Most-Used Platforms and Primary Content Types Over Time

I’ve been consolidating some of my online content and decided to graph it out.


As of today, this site is now my old journal, moblogs, pizza blog, cat blog, long form blogging and my image hosting on Posterous combined. My content on status- and location-update services as well as my tumblelog aren’t on this site.

Some notes about this chart:

The now-broken hiptop Nation was the first multi-user mobile photo blogging platform in the U.S. and was designed around the Danger Hiptopskholla launched soon afterwards with some additional functionality such as commenting. All posts and commenting on both platforms were done via email submission. skholla crashed a number of years ago with no backup. These two services were ahead of their time.

I realized I was updating my location with Dodgeball before I was updating my status with Twitter (it hadn’t existed yet) or Facebook (required a college email address, which I never had).

This chart doesn’t include online publishing endevors I have been a part of such as MNpublius (2008-2010) and the Heavy Table (2009-present).


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