Statement on the “Dupont Circle ANC 2B04” Forum

Statement on the “Dupont Circle ANC 2B04” Forum

Friday, November 2, 2018

Did someone sign you up to the “[Dupont-Circle-ANC-2B04]” forum, also known as “Hear Me Now” list?

Beware! It may look like a neighborhood listserv, it may look like it is about the ANC, but it is a private, invite-only campaign tool.

Messages not supporting my opponent get blocked, most ANC 2B commissioners are banned, and some expressing constructive dissent got kicked out.

I’m dedicated to keeping a positive, legal, and honest campaign. After discussing this issue with other neighbors and supporters, we agreed it is responsible to post this notice.

You can unsubscribe from the list or check your settings using this link.

I promise any forums or listservs related to the ANC I am involved with will be conducted openly, transparently, and kept out of any campaign.

Aaron Landry

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