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About the Advisory Neighborhood Commission (ANC)

The Advisory Neighborhood Commission (ANC) represents you local neighborhood changes including transportation, alcohol licenses and endorsements, zoning special exceptions, historic preservation cases, public space applications, and more. On changes that District agencies are required to provide public notice of, ANC recommendations receive “great weight.” Commissioners receive no pay for serving, but they impact what happens on your block and in your neighborhood!

Commissioners can also be a liaison connecting neighbors with their government and providing information on local changes.

Why I Got Involved

I love Dupont Circle, and pledged to be a fair, accessible, and transparent advocate who can bring residents, other commissioners, and agencies together to get things done. Tackling local issues and navigating bureaucracy are things I enjoy, and I leverage my experience to give back to my community and to help Dupont Circle thrive.

I work to create safer streets that prioritize neighbors walking, biking, and using public transit. I strive to foster an environment that allows shops, restaurants, and services that make our neighborhood great to flourish. I work with all neighbors, regardless of their level of political involvement, because we all live here and we all deserve to be heard.

I am honored to be appointed by my colleagues as Secretary of the Commission as well as the Chair of the Zoning, Planning, and Development Committee of the ANC.

In July 2020, I announced I will not be running for reelection after my term. I had a great experience working as an advocate for neighbors and am excited for new talent seeking the same experience.

SMD 2B04 Boundaries

ANC 2B, representing Dupont Circle, is divided into nine Single Member Districts (SMD). SMD 2B04 is bound by Q, S, 15th, and 17th Streets NW. There are a total of nine SMDs in the Dupont Circle ANC.

ANC 2B04 Map

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